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Welcome to the Free website templates provider!

At www.free-website-template.net you can find and choose: Flash templates, Website templates, Flash intro templates, osCommerce templates, Easy flash templates, GalleryAdmin flash templates, VideoAdmin flash templates, PhotoVideoAdmin flash templates and VideoPortal templates for your future site.

All our templates are easy to customize. It means: you can change everything you want in your template, like as: add your own texts, photos, sound and make color changing.
What is a Flash template?
A Flash template is a ready web design realized in Flash. You can open original (*.fla) flash file only in Flash MX software. Trial version of this software you can find and download on a macromedia official site.
If you want make some change in Flash template, you should have some Flash design knowlage It's not difficult.

But if you have not Flash design knowladge, don't worry! trust our professional designers who are ready to work for you and make customization of your Flash templates. The price for our customization service is too low - $149.99

Enjoy flash templates now!

If you will want your templates customization
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Free flash & website templates
Personal Flash template
Name: Personal
Free Flash template
Product ID: 300109710
Photofolio Flash template
Name: Photofolio
Free Flash template
Product ID: 300076354
Electronic Flash template
Name: Electronic
Free Flash template
Product ID: 300076247
Green business Html template
Name: Green business
Free Html template
Product ID: 300076022
Seaport Flash template
Name: Seaport
Free Flash template
Product ID: 300076119
Book Store Flash template
Name: Book Store
Free Flash template
Product ID: 300076287

Website templates
In this section you can find differnt kinds of website templates for your web design which are easily cuztamizable.

What is a customization? - It means: changes in texts, photos, button names, background color, expand some more pages, redesign navigation and other operations by yourself. To realize all these operations you need some web design knowladge. But if you don't have this knowladge, we offer you the customization service, our professional web designers are at your service any time 24/7.

Enjoy website templates now!

Global insurance Website template
Name: Global insurance
Type: Website template
Product ID: 300110425
Handyman service Website template
Name: Handyman service
Type: Website template
Product ID: 300110063

Easy Flash Templates
What is an Easy flash template?
This is NEW type templates especially developed by our designers and programmers to simplify editing process. So, what Easy flash templates means and what is the difference between this type and for example regular flash templates?
The difference is that in Easy flash template, most components such are buttons text, pictures and texts are placed out of the flash *.fla file. It means that template's editing process is extremely easy and does not require any special knowledge of Adobe Flash software. Actually everybody can easily change context of the template into the "text.html" file, except of the design.

Enjoy Easy flash templates now!

Singer Easy flash templates
Name: Singer
Type: Easy flash templates
Product ID: 300111666
Kindergarten World Easy flash templates
Name: Kindergarten World
Type: Easy flash templates
Product ID: 300111572

HTML templates
What is a HTML Bootstrap template? - Bootstrap template is a static web site without animation. To work on html template and make any chanegs, you need any html redactors like as: Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Coffee Cup and so on.
The Bootstrap templates offered by us is easily customizable. It means: changes of images and coloring, change button names and redesign navigation by yourself. Any person can do it if he/she has a little web design knowladge. But if you have some problems with customization, apply to us any time 24/7 and our proffesional web designers will help you to make your site more perfect.

Enjoy Bootstrap templates now!

Tennis Club Bootstrap template
Name: Tennis Club
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID: 300111916
CWorld - Multi-Purpose Bootstrap template
Name: CWorld - Multi-Purpose
Type: Bootstrap template
Product ID: 300111915

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